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Welcome to Pilates LOOM, where the future of Pilates instructors is shaped with rigor and care. Maintaining the perfect balance between dedication and expertise, our academy is an important stepping stone to obtaining the recognized National Pilates Certification (NPCP).

The only way to certify excellence

Starting the educational journey at the Pilates LOOM means thorough professional preparation toward obtaining a certificate, officially approved by the National Commission for Certification Organizations. National Pilates Certification (NCCA) is not just a proof of knowledge and skills, but a recognized certification that confirms the commitment and qualifications of each Pilates professional to future clientele and employers.

Educational Program

Comprehensive and Criterion-Meeting

Our faculty provides comprehensive training, consisting of the knowledge and practical skills needed to navigate the Pilates landscape professionally. Adhering to the meticulously structured 450-hour program (Comprehensive System), we can provide a comprehensive training course that spans from the classic to the modern style of Pilates

NPCP Directory

As part of our commitment to quality and excellence, Pilates LOOM academy is officially on the NPCP Directory. This cements our place in a respected network of Pilates training academies providing our students with a valid starting point as they enter the professional world.

We invest in your success as much as you do!

The journey to certification is completed with the final exam which officially confirms the knowledge and improved skills each of our students has acquired. Our academy is a guide and a companion to these demanding final exams so that success is guaranteed.

Pilates LOOM – where we breathe, move, and build a future where passion becomes a profession.

Pilates Community

We invest in your success as much as you do!

Through our concerted curriculum, a dedication to excellence, and an unwavering support system, we aspire to enrich the global Pilates community with instructors who are not only certified but also embody the spirit and precision of Pilates. When you choose to be a part of Pilates LOOM , you aren’t just choosing a school; you’re choosing a lifelong career partner that is as invested in your success as you are.

Embark on this transformational journey with us and mold a career that is not only physically rewarding but also spiritually and professionally fulfilling.

Join Us, as together, we breathe, move, and sculpt a future where your passion becomes your profession